MOVE. Client Wins

10 years on sleeping meds to... " Only CBD every now and then. And I wake up feeling rested. It's crazy. I never thought I'd break that habit, so grateful!"
 I am truly feeling better about myself inside and outside with all of these small changes!
I'm so grateful for you both for building this community. I am 2 weeks into Phase 1 and am already noticing some pretty cool changes in my digestion and mind in how I'm handling certain situations. I am so excited for more.
I kept saying to myself, "no I don't need it" or "I'll wait until....." and finally I called myself out and made the scary jump- and it was the best thing that I have ever done.

My mom said to me "Are you doing something different? Your entire energy has changed."
This changed everything, for the better, for my marathon training .
- Elderly Patient
My best friend who doesn't even live near me.... she hasn't even SEEN me, said that she wants to know how I am crushing it all the sudden.
12 lbs down and still there. Back to where i was at before my daughter.Less weight more muscle. I’m so happy.
I gave up so many limiting beliefs. Me and my treadmill have a great relationship now.
In just 2 short months its incredible how much has changed
All my shorts I bought to go to Puerto Rico in may, I have to return them all. They're too 2 more notches in the belt loop, time for a new belt 

- Elderly Patient
I don’t remember my body ever working this well. Even since I was a little kid. People at work are asking what my green juice and when I tell them its celery they’re like… ok what else are you doing
I feel like i need to write down all the move stuff i’m grateful for over the last year and share it. so much uncomfortable growth and not wanting to show up. and here we are!
- Parent of Pediatric Patient
The Mind content has been the most helpful for me and I’ve really been enjoying working through the exercises.
I’m just so grateful for my MOVE. toolbox during this timeI’ve never felt more empowered or supported in my life!!

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