90DAYCEO Client Wins

“I got more value out of going through it with you two… we literally built out a course in just 30 minutes that I couldn’t have imagined this whole last year of starting my business!” 
“You guys! I made more than 5 weeks of my teaching checks combined…. In just one week. THANK YOU!” 
“You have given me the confidence and the tools to really take my skills and gifts into the world. I didn’t know how to do it before, but I knew I was meant to do something. Thank you for making it possible” 
“I couldn’t figure out how to take my offer to the online world without losing the connection to others. Holy cow is this life changing for my business…. and for me and my family” 
“I was wasting so much time before focusing on things that in your words “weren’t moving the needle” I feel like a massive weight has been lifted and you have allowed me to have not only more time… but to make way more money. Thank you!”
“The mindset content is really helpful in overcoming blocks - imposter syndrome is real. So is struggling to charge people what I know my program and offering is worth. Thank you for these resources beyond just business building strategies.” 
“My mind was blown by that lesson. It literally changed everything. I am using it every day in different ways”
“Before I joined I didn’t even have an offer. This past week I not only made sales, but I have an intern helping me so that I have more tim (thanks for the idea!) and I am ready to scale to the next level. LFM!” 
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me the possible”
You both offer so much value- being able to have two coaches with different areas of genius is incredible. I am learning so much and you are teaching me how to master my own area of genius and get support in the other places.” 
“I can’t believe my first course is already almost filled. Actually I can thanks to both of you! I am so incredibly grateful that the universe connected us- you have changed my business and my life.” 
You have built such an incredible community and are both truly inspirations to me.

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